The Integrity Website Service

This is an important notice to all customers of Living Well Websites who are not active coaching clients or lifetime members of Integrity Doctors.

We have decided to shut down Living Well Websites and only offer our “Integrity GO Sites” website service which is only available to current clients and lifetime members.

Our CCO, Ryan Maule, will be contacting all Living Well Websites clients to discuss this news with you and present any options that are available to you.

If you elect to cancel Living Well Websites service or no other options are available to you, please select from one of the following two options for the release of your domain name, if your domain is owned and managed by Integrity Doctors.

Transfer My Domain To An Existing GoDaddy Account

GoDaddy Account Transfer

Unlock My Domain and Send Me The AUTH/EPP Code

Auth Code Transfer

Integrity GO Sites

To learn more and signup for this incredible new service available to Integrity Doctors coaching clients and lifetime members, visit your Client Connection Page and click the “System Materials” button in the main menu.