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Website Account Cancellation and Domain Transfer
To continue with your transfer, please fill out the form below to contact the web team for release. At this point your website will be deleted and released to you within 10 business days. It is not possible to schedule a specific time for deletion. When you submit the Account Services form, Integrity Doctors LLC may delete your site at any time. We are not responsible for lost information, emails, DNS settings, or any downtime or outages that occur. If you are switching to another provider you should have already made arrangements for a new website and email service prior to filling out this form. Please be sure to fill out all required fields below.

If you are transferring your website to another company, please be advised that our legal team will continue to monitor your new website with another company for any copyright infringements that may take place.

You may not copy any content from your Integrity website to your new website; your new website developer may only use content that is in your ownership and possession such as images, articles, contact information, and bios that are saved on your personal or office computer free of any edits or alterations performed by Integrity Doctors LLC staff. All aspects of your Integrity website and any work performed on your behalf (including photo editing, resizing, and text modifications and optimization) including the website’s menus, layout, look and feel, intellectual property, images and endorsements remain the property of Integrity Doctors LLC and may not be copied to your new website. Please see below for further specific details.